Long Live The GOAT is heading to Canada! Let party before we head out! We’ll be playing with a couple bad ass Chicago bands including FURR – Born out of a love for all things heavy and loud and Chicago Scuzz Rock Mutants, Thee Arthur Layne Long Live The GOAT // https://longlivethegoat.bandcamp.com/ FURR // https://furrchicagorock.bandcamp.com/ […]

Usually I listen to music on bus-rides, but with fifteen songs spanning seventy-nine minutes, this is an album that was just meant to be played on a stereo at home. Everything about the album is leisurely, but not necessarily relaxing. Ronald Strojny’s voice mimics a Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-era Ozzy, with extra reverb and delay to […]

One of the things we appreciate here at Chicago Doom Confederacy HQ, with our super-computers comprised of old fuzz pedals and our inter-dimensional gateway with a fast-pass to Satan’s personal area of space, is riffs. We love them plenty. Your song can have a dozen of them or merely a couple repeating, but we appreciate […]

All the records! ALL OF THEM. Witness four pummeling Midwestern doom bands level the earth and also release some kickass shit. Pale Horseman (Chicago) – limited edition split vinyl 12″ release (Failure Records) The Mound Builders (Lafayette, IN) – limited edition split vinyl 12″ release (Failure Records) DeepSpacePilots (Chicago) – limited edition cd release (Bullet […]