Doomed & Stoned Presents: The first annual Doomed & Stoned festival! [Editor’s Note: This festival unfortunately doesn’t feature any Chicago bands, but still looks like a great lineup.] Lineup and start times… Friday 11/18 Cough 12am Toke 11pm Merlin 10:10pm Youngblood Supercult 9:20pm Gorgantherron 8:30pm Heavy temple 7:40pm Drude 7pm Conjurer 6:20pm Archarus 5:40pm Thorr-Axe […]

Long Live The GOAT is heading to Canada! Let party before we head out! We’ll be playing with a couple bad ass Chicago bands including FURR – Born out of a love for all things heavy and loud and Chicago Scuzz Rock Mutants, Thee Arthur Layne Long Live The GOAT // FURR // […]

DROUGHTS Droughts are a four piece band from Chicago, who play a style of music that incorporates elements of post hardcore, emo, screamo, and indie rock within their sound. Musically, Droughts can be loosely compared to bands such as Small Brown Bike, Old Gray, Frameworks, Native, Rites of Springs, Touché Amoré, and other like-minded bands. […]

Wasteland surrounds you as your motorcycle powers through the desert. Cacti raise needle-ridged arms to the dying sunlight, moribund addicts seeking salvation from waning light. An oasis appears on the horizon, containing what your thirsty body needs: FOX 45’s Ashes of Man. My first impression was checking out the song names and seeing the outstanding […]

Making good doom/drone is pretty damn hard. The less notes you play, the less chances you have to keep things interesting. Plague of Carcosa, a one-man project, has successfully defeated this hurdle in their new EP, The Color Out of Space. Of course, I also have to give props for the Lovecraft reference. The Color Out of Space kicks […]