Making good doom/drone is pretty damn hard. The less notes you play, the less chances you have to keep things interesting. Plague of Carcosa, a one-man project, has successfully defeated this hurdle in their new EP, The Color Out of Space. Of course, I also have to give props for the Lovecraft reference.

The Color Out of Space kicks off with the six-minute And The Beast Shall Inherit The Earth, opening with a sort of rumbling, ear-shattering cacocophany that can only be achieved by guitars tuned down to the ridiculously low key of F. Distant melodies and frenetic trills leap out against the earthshaking low end to surround the listener entirely.

Yithian Ruins follows, introducing some nicely syncopated drums to enhance the atmosphere and provide a rhythmic backbone. Buckle up, because your trip through these eldritch ruins will take almost twelve minutes.

The bonus track is a nice addition – I’ll leave its identity as a surprise to give you all another reason to listen through the whole EP.

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