Making good doom/drone is pretty damn hard. The less notes you play, the less chances you have to keep things interesting. Plague of Carcosa, a one-man project, has successfully defeated this hurdle in their new EP, The Color Out of Space. Of course, I also have to give props for the Lovecraft reference. The Color Out of Space kicks […]

Sacred Monster released their latest EP, the two-song “Monster Double Feature”, on May 23rd, 2015.   Founded in late 2011, SACRED MONSTER pursues the livelier edge of doom metal (think Black Sabbath mixed with Iron Maiden) and released their first EP, “Knowledge”, in 2014. Their next live performance will be at the Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville […]

Blunt, a recent addition to the Chicago doom scene, celebrated this most pungent holiday by releasing another track from their upcoming full-length (details TBD). The track, Bake Cruiser, follows up the release a few weeks ago of Bad Trip, a groovy, locked-in jam about doing drugs. Actually, that phrase is a pretty good description of […]

Wil, a crushing, sludgy doom band based in Chicago, recently released their first demo entitled The Watchers. Wil contains members of local death metal bands Nucleus and Narcotic and, after forming in March 2014, has quickly defined the sound that this, their very first release, showcases. The Watchers’ first track Ascended starts off with a haunting riff soon brought into focus by the locked-in […]

The Skull, an American doom band comprised of ex-Trouble members vocalist Eric Wagner, drummer Jeff “Oly” Olsen and bassist Ron Holzner rounded out with Lothar Keller and Matt Goldsborough on guitars, has just put out their new album, For Those Which Are Asleep. This album has been reviewed by damn near every metal publication out […]