Via a press release from the Mound Builders themselves, find below the official word on an extremely interesting release just about to hit the shelves – and stay tuned for a CDC review of the split! In the wake of a tumultuous and triumphant year, Indiana riff-crafters The Mound Builders have announced their vinyl debut […]

Although rumors of the four-year-running fest’s conclusion have been floating around since its last installment, we got closure today from the fest organizer, ‘Mercyful’ Mike Smith. In a Facebook post earlier today, Mike confirmed that Days of the Doomed is no more. This is unfortunate, though not unsurprising. I only learned of the fest two […]

The Chicago stoner-doom trio Hypnochron has released their first full-length album, Herbs for the Alter, on Bandcamp. The band’s tagline on Bandcamp is ‘Smoke Weed, Hail Satan!’, which are most certainly two things you could, and probably should, do while listening to this album. The 12-track album weaves its way through Sleep and Electric Wizard-influenced jams interlaced with […]

Those of you who play amplified stringed instruments are probably familiar with the Emperor line of cabs: These wooden cabinets are heavily used within the doom, sludge and stoner rock scenes. They’re constantly praised for their ability to project complete sonic despair upon the audience and their unique, vintage-ish aesthetic. More than that, they’re made […]


Editor’s note: The author is a member of Sacred Monster and may have just stole this information from his own band’s Facebook page. Chicago-based doom/thrash Sacred Monster has released their 4-track  EP ‘Knowledge’ for free digitally – stream and download it free here: . Physical copies are also available, either at our shows or through the […]


Fans of the industrial metal pioneer Godflesh will like this: Justin K. Broadrick has created a remix of the song ‘Fork In The Road’ , off of Pale Horseman’s debut self-titled album. This is a very unusual event and worth checking out – you can listen to the song free on Pale Horseman’s Bandcamp.     […]

The Chicago Doom Confederacy is live! Given that this site has been public-facing for about a week now, I suppose it has been live, but now it’s live and not broken! Hopefully. If you encounter any issues with the site please let us know, and submit any band, event, etc tips through the Contact page.