What is this site?

The Chicago Doom Confederacy is a website dedicated to keeping track of the local doom/stoner rock/post rock music scene in Chicago. It is currently developed and maintained by Ted and Matt from Sacred Monster.

We keep track of upcoming doom shows in the Chicago area and intend to track album releases and other noteworthy events around town. Currently, content is either gathered manually or submitted to us by bands.

I have a show or band I think should be added.

If you’re in a band, and would like your band to be added to our band directory, please contact us about it. Include your band name, a short description, and a link to a picture we can use.

If you know of any upcoming shows (especially if you’re playing in them) or release to be announced here, please contact us.

 What qualifies as Chicago Doom?

Although the name of the site is the Chicago Doom Confederacy, we’re aiming to track more than just doom bands: sludge, post-rock and stoner rock are all genres we cover. It’s possible that we’ll expand the scope of the site later, but for now it’s the Doom Confederacy.

We’re also aiming to include bands in the general Chicagoland area, including the suburbs and the city proper.