Welcome to Doomtopia, where the barren wasteland is pockmarked by dead trees bearing decrepit branches, rabbits lay dead in fields, and rotting corpses serve as reminders that there is but one escape. This hellscape’s soundtrack? Salvor by These Beasts, a three-piece operating out of Chicago. The EP’s opener, Bone Marrow, sets the mood with a […]

Making good doom/drone is pretty damn hard. The less notes you play, the less chances you have to keep things interesting. Plague of Carcosa, a one-man project, has successfully defeated this hurdle in their new EP, The Color Out of Space. Of course, I also have to give props for the Lovecraft reference. The Color Out of Space kicks […]

Usually I listen to music on bus-rides, but with fifteen songs spanning seventy-nine minutes, this is an album that was just meant to be played on a stereo at home. Everything about the album is leisurely, but not necessarily relaxing. Ronald Strojny’s voice mimics a Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-era Ozzy, with extra reverb and delay to […]