Although rumors of the four-year-running fest’s conclusion have been floating around since its last installment, we got closure today from the fest organizer, ‘Mercyful’ Mike Smith. In a Facebook post earlier today, Mike confirmed that Days of the Doomed is no more. This is unfortunate, though not unsurprising. I only learned of the fest two […]

Okay, so I do most of my music listening when I’m on my way to work. I was super excited to get this album because I’ve been a fan of Trouble for a while. So I put this on, turned it up, and hear this earth-shattering riff. Immediately, I’m in the moment. As I’m on […]

It’s not uncommon to see a stack of patches at the merch booth these days, despite their primary medium, the ‘battle jacket’, having gone mostly out of style – they’re tangible, compact and cheap. Plus, you can stitch them onto plenty of other stuff if your supply of denim is running low. Like cassettes and […]